Documentation, characterization and counseling

Carmel laboratories has many years of experience in Environmental testing, Relability, Maintainability, Availability and Safty analysis.

 Carmel Laboratories, with the technical support of Dov Carmeli, will be more than happy to provide you guidance services for all of the required tests needed for your products.

Our professional staff will know to recommend and adjust the relevant tests according to the required specifications, with personal treatment and patience, in order to ensure reliable results providing contentment of the final customer.

We offer:

• Consultation in preparing tests specifications according to civilian and military standards or according to the customer requirements.

• Consultation in making of the mounting devices in order to perform the vibration test.

• Documentation and providing a specified test report to all of the tests including color pictures and videos.

• Consultation on medical equipment standard solutions.

Accelerometers calibration

In Carmel lab, there’s a calibration test post to accelerometers at 5-3000Hz.

The test is designated for charge and voltage accelerometers.

At the end of the test, a certificate with a deviation level at the different frequencies graph is provided.

• Charge Accelerometers –

• Voltage accelerometers –

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