Parameter/Equipment    Range  CMC2 (±)
 DC Voltage – Source             DC Amper  200V to 1000V 20V to 200V 2V to 20V 0.2V to 2V 0 to 200mV  87mV 15mV 6.9mV 1.1mV 1.4mV
 0.2A to 2A 20mA to 200mA 2mA to 20mA 0.2mA to 2mA  0.23mA 0.38mA 0.32mA 0.21mA
 AC Voltage – Source    200V to 1100V 50Hz to 10KHz  0.5V
 20V to 200V 50Hz to 10KHz  100mV
 2V to 20V 50Hz to 10KHz  11mV
 0.2V to 2V 10kHz to 50kHz  2.5mV
 20mV 200mV 10kHz to 50kHz  0.96mV
 1mV to 20 mV 10kHz to 50kHz  0.96mV
 AC Amper – Source 50Hz  to 1kHz  0.2A to 2A 20mA to 200mA 2mA to 20mA 0.2mA to 2mA  3.6mA 24mA 2.6mA 2.5mA
 Resistance – Source  1Ω 10 Ω 100 Ω 1K Ω 10K Ω 100K Ω 1M Ω 10M Ω  2m Ω 1.5mΩ 2.2m Ω 21m Ω 0.18 Ω 1.9 Ω 120 Ω 3.6K Ω
 DC Voltage – Measure           DC Amper – Measure      Up to 100mV 100mV to 1V 1V to 10V 10V to 100V 100V to 1000V Up to 10mA 10mA to 100mA 100mA to 1000mA 1000mA to 3000mA  1.3mV 0.24mV 0.29mV 6mV 6mV 0.92mA 0.27mA 3.8mA 56mA
 AC Voltage – Measure                   AC Current – Measure  100.0000mV 1KHz 100.0000mV 50KHz 1.000000V 1KHz 1.000000V 50KHz 10.00000V 1KHz 10.00000V 50KHz 100.0000V 1KHz 100.0000V 50KHz 700.000V 1KHz 220.000V 50KHz Up to 1.0000A 1KHz 1A to 3.00A 1KHz  0.82mV 1.3mV 1.1mV 7.9mV 11mV 79mV 110mV 200mV 730mV 1800mV 1.7mA 6mA
 Resistance – Measure  Up to 100.0000Ω 1000.000000Ω 10.00000KΩ 100.0000KΩ 1.000000MΩ 10.00000MΩ 100.0000MΩ
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