HALT – Highly Accelerated Life Test
HASS – Highly Accelerated Stress Screen

HALT & HASS are unique, accelerated product reliability test methods focused on finding defects in products so they can be fixed before becoming expensive field issues.

HALT and HASS, collectively referred to as Accelerated Stress Testing (AST), subject a product to a series of overstresses, effectively forcing product weak links to emerge by accelerating fatigue.

In HALT and HASS, stresses are applied in a controlled, incremental fashion while the unit under test is continuously monitored for failures. Once the weaknesses of the product are uncovered and corrective actions taken, the limits of the product are clearly understood and the operating margins have been extended as far as possible..

Carmel laboratories provides full services including test plan, preparation before testing and consulting over the testing.


Highly Accelerated Life Testing techniques are important in uncovering many of the weak links inherent to the design and fabrication processes of a new product.

  • Reduce product development & design time.
  • Speed time to market.
  • Ensure product quality & reliability.
  • Increase customer confidence.
  • Reduce warranty costs.
  • Increase profitability and product reliabilit.


Highly Accelerated Stress Screening techniques are incorporated during the production phase to find manufacturing process defects that could cause product failures in the field.

  • Screening process exposes latent defects in components and assemblies.
  • Used during production to ensure ongoing product quality and reliability.
  • To be effective, screening must be customized to the product being tested.
  • Safety of screen ensures sufficient life remains for the end-user requirements.
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