IT equipment and Audio-Visual products

The new IEC/EN 62368-1- hazard-based electrical safety standard for IT equipment and Audio-Visual products. The standard divides a product’s safety risk into three levels. Based on this, the standard then specifies what constitutes an acceptable voltage, for instance, and what type of protection is required. December 20, 2020 is the date when IEC/UL/CSA 60950‐1 and IEC/UL/CSA 60065 will be formally withdrawn. Manufacturers who wish to place products on the market will need to meet IEC/EN 62368-1 to ensure compliance.

Lab, Measurement, Control Equipment

Laboratory & Testing Equipment, which by electrical means tests, measures, indicates or records one or more electrical or non-electrical quantities, also non-measuring equipment such as signal generators, measurement standards, power supplies, transducers, transmitters etc.

Services provided:

Guidance and training.

  • Guidance on standard requirements through the development process, starting from “scratch” and ending with the compliance testing stage.
  • Training for the engineering and quality assurance/regulatory teams on standards and hands on testing.
  • Review of Product Documentation and Manuals.
  • Construction of Technical File (TCF)
  • Affixing of the CE mark


Pre-compliance and engineering testing.

  • Pre-compliance testing during development process.
  • Engineering testing towards other markets.


Full compliance testing.

  • Outdoor Equipment Testing
  • Risk analysis in accordance with Low Voltage Directive;
  • Determination of the essential requirements and relevant product standards;
  • Product conformity testing on basis of national, European (EN) and international (IEC) standards; 
  • Verification of the Technical File;
  • Verification of EU Declaration of Conformity;
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