The Machinery Directive is one of the European product directives according to which the CE marking shall be affixed. Machinery and Installations that fall into the scope of the Machinery Directive must comply with essential safety requirements of the directive before they can be traded and/or put into operation. By affixing the CE marking the manufacturer and/or importer confirms that the product complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Services provided:

Guidance and training.

  • Guidance on standard requirements through the development process, starting from “scratch” and ending with the compliance testing stage.
  • Training for the engineering and quality assurance/regulatory teams on standards and hands on testing.
  • Review of Machinery Documentation and Manuals.
  • Construction of Technical File (TCF)
  • Since Machinery EMC testing are generally performed at customer site, support is given in preparation of test plan for EMC testing.
  • Risk assessment preparation.

Pre-compliance and engineering testing.

  • Pre-compliance testing during development process.
  • Engineering testing towards other markets.
  • Product construction analysis – general construction and assembly, protective earthing connections, electrical, mechanical and fire enclosures requirements, marking and labelling.

Full compliance testing.

  • Machinery Testing
  • Risk assessment
  • Functional safety evaluation
  • Ergonomics evaluation
  • Integration of robotic systems
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