Avi Saban, Founder and CEO

administrative and management is being led by Avi Saban.

Avi has begun his way as a Technician of EWF in the Israel Naval forces. Soon after his end of service, he began to work in “Elisra Systems” as a technical writer, and from there was promoted up to the point where he took over the position of head of the Engineering Services Department, that included the Environmental Testing Laboratory.

Avi is a Mathematics and Computer Science B.Sc. graduate of University of Tel-Aviv, has a second degree in Business Management on behalf of the University of Hariot Watt, Scottland, and a LL.B law-school graduate, specializing in commercial law.

Running Carmel with full devotion, professionalism and fundamentalism reflects his very nature. These values are passed on towards our laboratory’s staff, and shape our costumer service experience to our clients.

Avi, as the head of the financial and administrative aspect, will ensure that every call will be attended with a personal and ultimate service in this.

Dov Carmeli, Founder and COO

Our professional technical & operational staff is being led by Dov Carmeli.

With over 40 years of experience in the Environmental Testing field, starting at IDF as an environmental technition, through managing the Environmental Testing Laboratory of “Elisra Systems” (of the widely-known “Elbit Group”) and eventually founding the Carmel laboratory.

This great experience is what allows him, along with his personal attention, integrity and honesty,to create a testing scheme suitable to your engineering crew’s requirements from the very first moment of contact with our laboratory, to the end of the testing, in order to ensure you complete satisfactory with our service.

Dov will create your test plan, and consult you from his many years of experience.

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